Summer 2014 I joined Yelp mobile team as a product design intern, worked closely with product managers, designers and engineers. I was responsible for high impact mobile projects, including Video Uploading, Flagging Review, and Review Page retouch, from the conceptual stage to iterative high fidelity and shipping. 

Many thanks to the smashing product designer Yoni De Beule for his great mentorship, and to many others who coached me during my stay at Yelp.

Flagging Review

+ Review Page Retouch

The goal of this project is enabling the flagging review feature on mobile, including both iOS and Android. Flagging review had existed on WWW. Transplanting the information properly from web to mobile is the main challenge. It's also challenging to find an entry point for Flagging Review on the old review page.

After rounds of iteration, I designed the new review page with more engaging experience, as well as the Flagging Review flow.


Flagging Review on WWW.


Old Review Page

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Iteration Milestones

Finalized Design

Flagging Review




Video Uploading

The goal of this project is enabling users to upload videos from their phone. The whole process need to be quick, efficient. And the video length must be trimmed to within 3s - 12s.


Take Video page

Video Trimming Shape Exploration

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Finalized Design


Video Cropping Explorations

Cropping portrait or landscape videos into Yelp's standard square size.  *After rounds of discussions, we decided not to implement cropping video as a trade off for quicker uploading process.  


App Store Screenshots

The goal of this project is to design a set of templates of Yelp app screenshots for Apple store and Google Play. After talking to product manager, I included the key sections - nearby, map view, business page, and photos & videos. I designed screenshot templates for iPhone 3.5in/4in, iPad, and Android, which have been used by Yelp since July 2014.


2014 Hackathon: Yelp on Android Wear


"Crushes on Wearables"


I am a huge fan of electronic wearable devices. During Yelp 2014 Hackathon, as a UI designer, I worked with Ian Fijolek and Benjamin Bariteau(both Yelp develpers) on launching the Yelp app on Android Wearables. We accomplished the full demo of how the app should work on LG G Watch and Galaxy Gear Live. 


Video Edit: Helen Zhou   Music Credit: Blanket Barricade



When it's close to lunch or dinner time, Yelp Wear will send you notification of suggested restaurants nearby. The app only send selective information according to your bookmarks and your check-in preference. 


Leave a review

Yelp will kindly ask for your review of a business you've checked-in after you leave. You can simply leave a star rating or set a reminder for writing a review on the phone later.

Review Flow

Review Flow