Video Edit: Helen Zhou, Christopher Nixon


COLORADIO is a speaker which detects the color of whatever object is places in front of it. The speaker plays different types of music depending on the color. You don't need any particular objects, instead, every object becomes a tangible input to start the music.


Tangible Interaction: Change the music with a lemon



The Story of Color and Music

The everyday objects we interact with tell us a colorful story. Waking up next to the yellow paperback that drifted you off to sleep. Hunger pangs pull you to a kitchen filled with fresh reds and greens. A blue shot glass recollects last night's episode. Studies have shown the correlation between color and music. There is an emotional response when listening to music, and colors have an associated emotional measure. 

*This project is for the Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied. We teamed up a group of four people, and accomplished this project from blank to demo within 31 hours.



Hours 0-8

Brainstorming + Ideation


Hours 9-20

Prototyping + Processing


Hours 21-31

Film + Storytelling






Christopher Nixon

Helen Zhou


Kinyetta Nance


Berenice Vargas