"Buddies" is a non-romantic social activity network that matches people who are interested in joining the same activities at the same place during a mutual timeIt efficiently helps people find a company do things together so they won't end up being alone. Through "Buddies", people will have more chance and feel more comfortable meeting new friends.


"Humans always desire company"

But how to find it?

1. new movers

  • Don't have any friends in the city.
  • Loneliness, have trouble adapting to new things.
  • Shy personality.

2. Residents

  • Tired of the same group or looking to try new activities.
  • Friends are busy. Don't have mutual time hanging out.


  • Don't know anybody
  • Want to have maximum fun around the city in a few days.








1. In the dancing class, only 30% come as couples, this is one of the most popular social activities as its forced interactions.

2. People who dine alone eat faster and perform less comfortable than group dining, while eating they always play with their mobile devices.

3. People hang in the bar by themselves perform more awkwardness and nervousness, and often look for chances to join a group.





International Students

Michael is an international student from Holland. He is a freshman at University of Illinois major in Electrical Engineering. He loves sports and traveling.


  • New environment
  • Culture difference
  • Hard to make good friends

Urban Singles

Jane is an English teacher who lives in downtown Chicago. She is outgoing and loves outdoor activities and cooking.


  • Friends are busy 
  • Tired of old social circle
  • No time to make new friends

Migrated Couples

Cathy and Rob are newly married couple from Kansas and they recently moved to San Francisco due to job relocation. They are trying to explore fun activities around the Bay Area.


  • Unfamiliar with new environment
  • Want to hang out with other couples 


Proposed Solution


1. User can easily find new people want to do the same thing at the same time

2. Allow people quickly to form a group and determine the number of people they feel comfortable with

3. People can feel empowered by doing activities of their likings

4. Non romantic focused

Content Brainstorming & Iterations




Initial Idea

1:1 Match up




Simply search what you want to do and a list of events whose content and time match yours will show up. 2:2 match up focuses on the double date targets. Click event details to start a chat with the event creator. 

*Disadvantages - First version will have a hard time to present matching results because the lack of user base.



Idea Development





Final Design



Home page

Post an event, or see the events nearby. Scroll up to see more active events near your location.


Event Detail

Click on the event card, see the people or start a chat. Click on 'I'M IN', wait for the organizer's approval.


Post an Event


Write briefly about what, and choose the date and time



Take a picture, or upload one. Otherwise it will goes by default color


Your post will go on the top of the list

Search Events



use key words to search all the events posted nearby


Match up an event through your key words



Check your favorites and choose the privacy settings


Further Work



Replacing the Heart Icon

During the feedback session, people suggested that the heart icon should be replace with a shape that indicates pure positive meaning. The heart could be mistakenly interpreted as a romantic sign.

I replaced the heard with an animated smily face. 


Hide the Creating New Event

The original design, creating new event section takes a lot of visual space. Homepage could only show two events max. This new design allows more space on homepage, while adding more interactive fun.



How to deal with the negatives if the user's requests for events get rejected?

  • People can view the event history of a person, who shows interests in their posts. That helps build up the person's credibility and authenticity, so there may be less rejection down the road.
  • Limit the posts a user can post per day. People who get rejected for a few times can be awarded with points to exchange for more-posts privilege.
  • To users who get rejected, the app suggest 1-2 more popular group events in the feed, just like providing an alternative.